A job! And daycare! And napping!

Oh, I’m so excited to be doing paid work again! [insert happy dance here]


I mentioned a few blogs ago that a 4hr/week job I had would be moving into a 20hr/wk job in February. It’s not a glamorous job, and it’s not one I ever dreamed about having, but it’s good money for the time spent, and it’s something I’M GOOD AT. I’m one of those people that needs external validation, and the easiest way for me to get it is with a paycheck, so this is THE BOMB. I’m going to handle the billing and administrative responsibilities for a medical practice. But the doctors in the practice see patients exclusively in nursing homes, so they don’t have a traditional office, so I get to work from home, or at one of the doctors’ “office condo.”


Anyway, I don’t officially assume all responsibilities until February 1, but I’ve been doing a lot of auditing in preparation for taking over, so I’ve been working more the last week or so.


But that wasn’t supposed to be the point of this blog. The point of this blog was to say that today was O’s first full day at daycare (he’s been going for two mornings a week for several months). I was nervous that he wouldn’t nap, and we’re supposed to go out to dinner with the hubs’ boss tonight, so all morning I was having anxiety about O being a terror at dinner, and thinking I should just go get him so he could come home and nap (Hubs is only sometimes successful at getting O down if I’m not home, since I usually nurse him down) when I got a text from his daycare with a picture of him sleeping soundly on a cot. ON A COT!!! Not even in a crib. HOLY CRAP, what did they do with my child?!?!? The accompanying text, “He went down like a dream, no problem at all.”




This is amazing. I’m in awe of the nap skillz our provider has. I’m thinking about hiring her away and making her O’s nanny. We have days when even *I* can’t get him down…this is BRILLIANT.


(And I know that it might not be like this all the time, and that today could have just been an overload for him so he conked out as a coping mechanism, but I’ll take it, and live with my enjoyment until then.)


In other news:
Time for an easel.
That’s the refrigerator. I think it’s time for an easel.



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  1. Yay to all of those things! If you are near an Ikea, I am always jealous of the ikea easels people have in pictures.

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