The best laid plans

Today was supposed to be the kidlet’s first full day at daycare, so that I could complete my first full day at work. Hahaha. I don’t know why I think things will work the way they are supposed to…

Kidlet’s sick again. He’s got yellow snots, and he can’t go to daycare with yellow snots. So I went to work for a few hours this morning, and got the essential stuff done, while kidlet stayed with his dad. I’m going to try to get work done from home this afternoon, and hope that the snots go away so kidlet can go tomorrow.

If you’re counting, this is week number 7 that he’s been sick.

I spent a few hours this weekend trying to decide what is causing all this illness. I talked with his doctor last week about whether or not he thought there was something bigger going on. He said he had wondered, and so had done some reading, and double checking of kidlet’s metabolic screen, and had made some notes, but doesn’t think it’s anything more than the short end of the stick with this year’s cold and flu season.

We’ve eliminated cow’s milk and associated dairy from the kidlet’s diet, to see if there’s an allergy, or sensitivity component to these illnesses, and also to see if his diarrhea cleared up. He’s been completely free (which sucks because this kid LOVES greek yogurt) since Thursday (almost 4 days) and the diarrhea seems to be mostly, though not completely, gone. I’ll give it a few more days, and then start adding it back in. I’m really hoping it won’t be a dairy thing, because kidlet has so far refused alternate “milks;” goat, rice, and coconut. (We’ve been offering something every day for about 10 days.)

I worry about his fat, and overall caloric intake. He’s not a big eater (unless it’s cheese. Oh irony…) and is sitting nowhere even close to the growth curve for weight right now. He hasn’t really gained more than a few ounces since October. He’s growing taller, and hitting all the right milestones, so it doesn’t seem to be affecting him too negatively, and I wouldn’t worry about it at all, but coupled with his illnesses…

I got an email from his sitter this weekend that two kids have hand, foot, and mouth disease, and 1 has pneumonia. I know that illness is a fact of daycare, and I’m okay with that, but I wonder if this daycare needs to improve their hand washing and sanitizing practices. Kidlet also goes to the drop-in care at the gym once or twice a week, so it’s hard to nail down where the exposure is coming from.

Maybe these snots are teething related. He does tend to get a little cold each time he teethes, and he’s due for some eye-teeth soon…

I dunno.


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