16 months + 2 days

Huh. I have an honest-to-goodness toddler now.

He’s not a baby anymore.

When, exactly, did that happen? I’m pretty sure I’ve been paying attention…

It feels like all of a sudden he’s learning ALL KINDS OF STUFF. He’s copying our behavior like crazy, he follows simple instructions pretty reliably, he’s talking (I can’t understand most of what he says, but he’s definitely saying something), he’s getting a lot more interested in food, and boy-oh-boy, is he exploring his independence. (Read: hello dramatic drop to the floor and dropping head to the ground.) In short – he’s right on target and absolutely too much fun.

The cutest thing? Instead of just telling us, “no” he jazzes it up a little and says, “no way!” We hear it a LOT. And it’s so hard not to laugh.


bowl on head
I’m a big kid now, and I’m totally gonna put my bowl on my head.


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  1. The not laughing is so hard. At dinner, Spencer smooshes up his face and says no,No,NO and it is so cute and I have to try so hard not to laugh. So adorable and yet so annoying.

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