Wednesday – with pictures and some words

Oh, hey! It’s only been 6 days since we’ve been to the doctor with O, we should totally go today. (Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall. Ahem.) He was up from about midnight on with a croupy cough. Pobrecito. We had him in the bathroom with steam for a little while, and that helped the worst of the cough, but he was clearly uncomfortable for the rest of the night – his breathing was slightly wheezy and crackly, though his lungs sounded clear when I pressed my ear against his back. (Science tested method ya’ll. No, really, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve seen my mom and sister do it to my nieces and nephews and I needed to do something.) He still sounds yucky, so I’m going to take him to have someone with a degree and a stethoscope determine that he’s free and clear.

For the record, we’ve been to the doctor every week, except the week between Christmas and New Years for the last 6 weeks. Please tell me this isn’t average. On the other hand, please also tell me that this isn’t a sign that there is something bigger at play.


The wordless part:


bedtime story

Reading before bedtime.



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10 responses to “Wednesday – with pictures and some words

  1. Kim

    That pic is priceless 🙂

  2. That picture is too cute! Hope everything works out at the doctor. I think going that many times is a little unusual, but it probably just means something is going on right now, not necessarily bigger issue.

    • Yeah, I talked to the doctor about anything bigger and he said that he did think about it when we were there last week – and even did some reading and looking into things. He double checked O’s metabolic screen for a negative cystic fibrosis, and said he made some notes, but doesn’t think it’s anything larger. Just a crap cold season for the little guy. GOOD TIMES.

  3. Poor sick O baby. I hope it ended up being something treatable and short and he gets better soon.

    • The good news with croup is that it’s not usually serious. The sucky news is that there’s really nothing to do but wait it out. I’m SO tired of seeing my kid uncomfortable….he handles it all so well though. Real trooper. Maybe next week he’ll be healthy. 🙂

  4. Your ear to the chest is more scientific than you think! Pediatrician hubs was just telling me that the stethoscope was invented more for patient comfort than anything else– it’s especially awkward for women if the doc is male and has to lay his head on their chests!

  5. Janine

    I’m so sorry.
    I hope he clears this one and moves on to healthier days!


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