A whole lotta nuthin’

OMG, I don’t know where all my time goes. I really don’t. The last few days have been a blurrrr. And I don’t have much to show for them. Not even groceries. And we need groceries so very badly. (Who wants to go grocery shopping for me? No one? Are you sure?)

And right this minute, I feel too tired to write anything.

Buttt…there’s news to discuss.

The kidlet jumped out of his crib last week at naptime. He, apparently, didn’t want to take a nap, and so took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t really coordinated enough to make a graceful escape, and instead he fell out. He screamed very loudly to alert us to his predicament, causing both his dad and I to race into his room and swoop him off the floor. Once he was safely ensconced in my arms (approximately 10 seconds after falling) he was fine. And completely done with napping. He’s been sleeping better at night, and fighting naps more. I guess I get one or the other.

I’m starting back to paid work! Well, not really starting back, as I’ve been doing paid work for a few hours a week since August, but starting next week I’ll be working a full 20 hours a week. WOOT. I’m really looking forward to it. I thought long and hard when I left my previous job, shortly after the kidlet was born. I worried A LOT about financial dependence, and financial solvency, and my emotional well being…it was NOT an automatic decision for me to stay home with him. And once I was home with him I stressed about how not-suited to be home with him I am. And then a client that I worked with called me up with an offer that was perfect for me; a couple hours of work a week. And those couple of hours have grown into this, and I might even wind up working for another previous client for more hours. And I get to be my own boss, and set my own hours (mostly). BIG WIN.

I’m going to leave you with some pics of my kid from last week. I had intended to put a “week in pictures” post up, but it ain’t happening, so this one can do double duty.


Little feet1
We had a little bit of snow last week, and I couldn’t resist these perfect little feet prints.

Park Jan 4
We made it out to the park for an afternoon. He came home and promptly threw up in my new purse.

Morning computing
We both spend the mornings on our computers.

Sometimes he’s just too cute for words.

Okay, tomorrow I’ll be back with something of substance.



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2 responses to “A whole lotta nuthin’

  1. babyinbrooklyn

    Hey that’s great news about the job! Workplace flexibility is so key – i wish more employers (like my former one!) would see this.

    And that’s also whoa about the lil guy climbing out of his crib. Is it the kind you can convert into a toddler bed?

    • Thanks! I’m really psyched about the job. It’s pretty close to what I would have created if I’d been given the opportunity to customize a job (except in this job I don’t get to wear a cape and save the world. :-)). I’m ALL for flexibility, and I get really bugged with companies that don’t see the value. It’s really shortsighted in my opinion.

      His bed does convert – but I don’t think there is a chance in hell we’d get him to stay in it if we took the side off. I guess we could with enough patience, but patience has been running in high demand and short supply in these parts lately. Fortunately, he hasn’t tried to jump out again. I think maybe he scared himself?

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