Washington state FTW!!!

My faith has been marginally restored, ya’ll!

A few weeks ago I was pissed off because it looked like the Washington State Pharmacy Board was going to bow to anti-choice pressure and change a rule which currently bans pharmacies from refusing to dispense legally prescribed medication. Some pharmacy decided that they didn’t want to have to dispense Plan B, if they didn’t want to, so they sued the state. And the state was all set to give in because they couldn’t afford to be tied up in a lawsuit.

But the Board seems to have come to its senses, because in a 5-1 vote they decided the current rule was working just fine. According to Governor Chris Gregoire,

“The board understood that changing the current rule could force patients, especially those living in rural areas, to suffer lengthy delays to receive their medication and cause others to go without entirely.”

HUZZAH! I’m glad to see the welfare of the patient being placed above the concerns for the financial impact this could have on the state. I have every hope that this decision will not result in a drawn out legal entanglement, but I have little faith that this battle is over.




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2 responses to “Washington state FTW!!!

  1. babyinbrooklyn

    God I love it when common freaking sense wins. If you’re a pharmacist that has a moral problem with dispensing Plan B, then you need a new job.

    • I know. It makes me crazy. And it makes me repeat the old, “if this shit happened to a man, all hell would be breaking loose.” But it’s true.

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