2010 in pictures

4 months
One of my favorite pictures of my kid, ever. 4 months old.

Epic storm in February 2010 dumped a bunch of snow. Pretty, and didn’t stick around long. The best kind!

Kidlet was awesome and let me stick him in things to take his picture.

High hopes for a cut and color. Color got really muddy after the first wash, and the cut has been plaguing me since. (Actually, the color is muddy even in this pic. :-/)

Nothing a little high pressure water to the mouth can’t make better.

It was a hot summer without any A/C in our house. Thank goodness for the spray park.


I love this picture. He discovered his shadow.

He’s really always smiling.

Lucy is his best friend.

Really, my kid has the *best* smile.

Ready for 2011? I’m not sure I am. But it’s kind of like hide and seek; “Ready or not, here I come!”


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4 responses to “2010 in pictures

  1. You DEFINITELY need to post more pictures! Your kid is way too cute to keep to yourself.

    • His cuteness has been eaten up by some screaming toddler of doom lately. 😦 Well, that’s not true. He’s still cute. I promise to share more.

  2. Awww, I agree w/ Suzanne! SO stinking cute! I lovelovelove the first picture!

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