Night at the ER is not AT ALL like “Night at The Museum”

There were NO cute little historical representations coming to life…no interesting interpretations of ancient events unfolding…in fact, there was nothing clever about it at all.

There, however, was a LOT of baby vomit.

To be accurate, the vomit actually started before we went to the ER.

Poor O. Kid can’t catch a break. He’s been sick for almost 3 weeks now. It started with what I thought were teething snots, and turned into a high fever brought on by 2 ear infections and a sinus infection. All infections stubbornly refused to resolve with one course of antibiotic, so another, stronger antibiotic was prescribed for round 2. Antibiotics brought on a lovely case of the runny poops, which is no fun for anyone. And just when I thought he was a-ok; no runny poop, better appetite, no fever, and the return of his normal cheery disposition – WHAM – persistent vomiting.

Hell-oooo sicky baby.

He was having trouble sleeping last night, waking up every 30-40 minutes to be comforted, until around 10:30 when he was just UP. No interest in sleep at all. He wanted to nurse and run around. So, ok. It’s not ideal, but as I’ve learned, can’t force a kid to sleep. So nurse and run around he did, until he fell asleep and I laid him in his crib around midnight. I was patting his back when I felt his little tummy start to heave. Sheet, jammie, and mama clothes change #1. We did two more rounds of this, and then I got in the shower with him because we both smelled AWFUL. And he barfed some more in the shower. 😦

Pretty much every 15-20 minutes for 3 hours he was bringing something up. Initially it was lunch, milk, water…and then it just turned into dry heaves with a little bile. I called his doctor; waited 45 minutes for a return call (more on that in a minute) and decided that since the heaving wasn’t stopping, it was off to the ER we were going.

We’re only a half mile or so the hospital, so we were able to time it that he didn’t puke in his carseat (I’ve very thankful for that), and since it’s a small hospital and it was 3:30 in the morning, he got to go right back and get checked. Which involved a rectal thermometer, which didn’t phase him at all. He’s such a trooper when he doesn’t feel good.

Anyway, the doctor gave him some Zofran (to stop the puking) and sent us home about an hour later. There was no diagnosis other than, “Eh…probably some sort of virus.” Which is mostly ok – we went to the ER to stop the puking, but some diagnostic effort might have been nice. Turns out there are 2 other kids, and one of the caregivers at his sitter’s battling the same thing.

So, the doctor on call last night (who I called) was O’s regular doc, which I was glad to hear when I called his answering service, because he’s been treating O for the last few weeks. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t hear his pages last night, and didn’t know we were at the ER until this morning. He called around 10:30a.m. to apologize, and to see how we were doing. I’m kind of conflicted about this. I really like the type of care O gets from his doctor; he integrates a lot of holistic care into his practice, but I am not really happy about his missing his pages. I mean, I know to go to the ER in an emergency, etc. I called the answering service twice to tell them we hadn’t heard from the doctor, and finally to let them know we were just going to the ER. So his answering service tried to contact him at least 3 times. I dunno. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Anyway, the kidlet hasn’t puked since the medicine. He’s sleepy, but in reasonable spirits. Napping now…which is what I’m off to do too. Poor guy though, he has had one hell of a rough month.



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5 responses to “Night at the ER is not AT ALL like “Night at The Museum”

  1. Poor baby! Poor Mama! Get some rest.
    Nothing worse when your baby is sick and you can’t fix it right away.

    Thinking of you!

  2. babyinbrooklyn

    Poor sick lil guy! Hope you are both getting some rest today. Last winter we all got a horrible stomach thing and Ivy suffered the worst with it.

    That sucks about his Dr. though. That’s one thing I am grateful for is that our ped’s on call Dr. is always pretty prompt w/ the call back.

  3. Poor sick baby. Nothing is worse than puke.

    And I’m sorry about the doctor. I hate hate hate calling any office after hours because I always feel like I’m disturbing them and worry they’ll just roll their eyes at me, plus if they don’t call back after 5 minutes I panic about when I can call again. I think since your doc called and apologized I’d give him another chance but really, that’s pretty sucky.

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