Holiday crafts

I bought a bunch of craft felt a few weeks ago thinking I would make some ornaments for the tree. I had grand plans to cut trees, and gingerbread, and stars, and painstakingly embellish each one with hand embroidered details…

And then the kidlet got laid out with a 102˚F fever that lasted 6 days. (Newsflash: When the kidlet has a fever he turns into a piece of toddler sized velcro and WILL NOT be pried away from my body. Even at 3 o’clock in the morning.)

So my grand plans for lovely ornaments were scaled back to a cute, and exceptionally kitschy, garland.

I used cookie cutters to trace the shapes onto a piece of felt. I wanted each piece to be double thickness (Why? I have no idea. I thought it would be “nicer.” What the hell? It’s felt on twine. What is this “nice” crap?), so I sewed two pieces together using the tracing as a stitch guide.



Then I cut the shapes out with my pinking shears, for a little visual variety, and sewed a jingle bell to each one.




Then I sewed them all to some hemp twine.





And then I wrapped it in some tissue paper and mailed it to my mom. Because what mom doesn’t love a craft from her oldest kid?

I’m such a dork.


In further crafting news: In theory this will become a stocking for O. When the hubs and I first got married we bought 2 gorgeous hand felted stockings at a local craft market. We are now a family of 3, and I haven’t been able to find a not-ugly stocking for the babe. A-ha! I shall make one! (Seriously? WHAT. THE. HELL. Do I think there are unlimited hours in a day?!) From old sweaters! With an applique!






It’s snowing today. Very festive.



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3 responses to “Holiday crafts

  1. Ooooo FESTIVE! I can’t believe YOU’RE getting snow and we’ve gotten almost none at all. Snow would actually be WARMER than the -4 windchill we had yesterday.

    I love the crafts. This is why I should sew instead of knit – stockings take FOREVER to knit.

  2. Val (B-Monkey)

    The crafts are too cute!! = )

    And the post title “she’s crafty” … this is the perfect blog … Beastie Boys references abound!! ❤ it!

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