The cat is worse than the dog

Okay, I have a dog who is RULED by her stomach. If it is food fits in her mouth, there’s a good chance she will try to eat it. She’s pulled cakes, steaks, sandwiches, tamales…you name if off the counter to gobble unapologetically. She even (I kid you not) managed to eat AN ENTIRE honeydew melon without leaving a TRACE behind. No rind, no seeds, no flesh.

Anyway, we, in an ironic twist, have a cat who is very, very similar. He will chew through boxes to get to the cereal, and bags to get to the chips. He’ll even open the toaster oven to steal whatever is inside.

But his newest trick takes the cake (metaphorically speaking). We used to keep the butter in a dish on the counter. But I got sick of having to buy butter dishes, so we moved it into one of the cupboards.

Ladies and gentlemen, my cat can open the cupboard to get to the butter. WHAT THE HELL? So, not only do we have the lower cabinets secured with child-locks – now the upper cupboard is too.

Xmas Obi



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7 responses to “The cat is worse than the dog

  1. Oh man, and I’m annoyed by a dog that whines when he wants to go out instead of just sit by the door quietly. Pets should not be more work than toddlers.

    Also, don’t be surprised if your cat figures out that lock. Little Evan totally did.

  2. nate

    Hohoho from the xmas cat!

  3. RFLMAO!!!!!!!!! God I miss having animals…

  4. I saw that cat on the counter, and said outloud, “OH GROSS!!!” Soooo glad Jules is too obese to make it up on ours.

    @ Ashley – I thought about offering to send you our cat, too.

    • Yeah, I’m really not a fan of the cat-on-counter trick. We had a scat mat on the counter for awhile. He’s smart enough to know when it’s there. When it’s gone? ON, like Donkey Kong.

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