Wordless Wednesday – Kind of

Lucy enjoying the lovely afternoons we’ve been having.

The kid has a shockingly good arm, and loves to throw the ball for the dog. WIN FOR MOM.

Are ya’ll ready for Thanksgiving?

I’m trying to psych myself up to go start the brine (hmm…just occurred to me that I don’t actually have the liquid necessary for the brine, so I guess that’s not gonna happen). I’ve never brined a turkey before, but I’m going to try this recipe because it includes beer. Ha! Which reminds me that the reason I thought to do a beer brine is because we have a LOT of beer that no one seems to want to drink in this house. So I guess I DO have the liquid. I just need to go downstairs and get it. Glad I got that sorted out. Sheesh.

I also need to make the cornbread for my mom’s chestnut cornbread stuffing. I think this year I’m going to add some dried cranberries. Because I LOVE cranberries. They’re the best part of Thanksgiving.

We’re also going to have sweet potatoes with pecans, garlic mashed potatoes, Guy Fieri’s Bumped Up Brussel Sprouts and creamed spinach. Oh, and a turkey.

Crap. I’d better get cooking.

What are you having? (Or, what did you have?)


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