No prescription for you!

I’m tired of this bullshit. Really. I am. RH Reality Check breaks it down better than I can, but essentially the Board of Pharmacy in the state of Washington, under pressure from a lawsuit brought by Ralph’s Thriftway Pharmacy, is set to change a rule which currently bans pharmacies from refusing to dispense legally prescribed medication, in this case the emergency contraception, Plan B. Ralph’s Thriftway Pharmacy would, apparently, prefer not to have to do so. You know, because they don’t believe in it. (Big surprise, right?)

My favorite part of the whole steaming pile?

“We can’t afford more lawsuits,” said board member Dan Connolly, who made the motion to move forward. “If we don’t change the current rule, this board is going to always be in litigation.”

So, essentially, if you can tie the state up in litigation long enough, you can basically get whatever you want.

Currently, in Washington state, if a pharmacist has a moral objection to a medication the pharmacist can ask a colleague to fill the prescription (which still pisses me off), but with the new ruling, entire pharmacies will be able to tell you to, “go somewhere else, we don’t treat your problem here.”


What happens when pharmacies decide that they don’t want to dispense HIV medication, because they suspect the patient is gay? Or they’re not going to give you your pain medicine because they don’t believe in narcotics?

It’s a slippery slope folks.




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3 responses to “No prescription for you!

  1. Ugh, I (or someone else) says this on EVERY SINGLE POST that involves this law but if you “don’t believe in” part of your job, DON’T DO THAT JOB. If you are a cop who is a pacifist and doesn’t believe in guns, you don’t have a legal right to let some get shot by refusing to intervene. If you are a teacher who believes Jesus rode dinosaurs and start refusing to teach your students about the Jurassic Period you will (in most schools) lose your job. If you are too stupid to a) understand exactly what Plan B IS b) understand it’s part of your job and c) understand why people might need their emergency contraception in a timely fashion then GET. A. NEW. JOB.

    MOTHER EFFER. I was having such a nice calm morning and now I’m fuming at the ears.

    • For REALZ. The other thing about it is it’s not like Plan B, or birth control are the Tooth Fairy. There’s NOTHING to “believe” in. They’re prescriptions, just like penicillin. Which, by the way saved the armed forces from battlefield infections, but also FROM STDS. That they got while having SEX. WITH WIIMENZ THEY WEREN’T MARRIED TO.

      It makes my head hurt.

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