This week in pictures*, and some talking.

The tape was fun until it wouldn’t get off his hands. Then it was not fun.

Obi (the orange one) and Pearl (the black one) enjoying the afternoon sun. Together. Without trying to kill each other. RARE MOMENT.

DSC08213 copy
“This hat it TOO BIG!”

The maple tree in the backyard finally turned. It’s gorgeous. And leafy.

Star Wars sugar cookies. YUM.

“I’m leaving guys!”

If only a tennis ball could make ME this happy.

The quilt is still kicking my ass. Hopefully it will be done in the next…5 days? Lawd, I hope so. It’s not going to be ready for my sister’s birthday, but I hope to have it to her before Thanksgiving. Cuz “late”, is okay, “hardly distinguishable from Christmas and my niece’s birthday” is not.

Also, MOLARS CAN KISS MY ASS. O’s sleep is FOR SHIT lately. My kid is an awful sleeper to begin with – he’s slept through the night….twice (?) is his 14 month life. He was down to one waking at night (seriously, I cannot tell you how wonderful that was), but the last few nights he’s woken THREE TIMES. Between midnight and 6a.m. EMMER EFFER. So for a few nights last week I thought, “I’m not going to nurse him when he wakes up, he needs to go back to waking just once, or even better, NOT AT ALL.” And you know what happened on those two nights? He screamed for THREE HOURS. I can’t do it. I really, REALLY, cannot listen to my child cry for 3 hours. For some portion of the time his dad was walking him, for some portion of the time we tried putting him in his crib…and finally around 3a.m. I caved. I’m a sucker. I’m not firm enough. I don’t care. I can’t listen to him cry ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Can’t do it. So I’ll pray to every deity there is that these teeth come in, and he can go back to sleeping better.


* The week in pictures was inspired by Suzanne’s “Week in iPhone Photos” series over at bebehblog. I don’t have an iPhone, and the camera on my Blackberry died, so this is technically, “Week in photos from my Sony A-300.”


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One response to “This week in pictures*, and some talking.

  1. Janine

    I need your sugar cookie recipe.
    Come on, molars. Get here already. O’s mama & daddy needz their sleepz.

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