The top! It is done!

The hardest part is behind me! I don’t know how many hours it took, but I am very pleased with the results! Now, to make the back, actually quilt the sucker (which is going to take the most time, and be potentially difficult, as I’ve only actually quilted one other quilt. I usually tie them.), and bind it. In about 6 days. Oy.




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8 responses to “The top! It is done!

  1. I love it! Your fabric choices are really great. I love the border. Are those prairie points, or pieced?

    • Thanks for looking and commenting! They are my first attempt at prairie points. I’m shocked they came out as well as they did. I’m curious to see what they’ll look like once they’re washed…

  2. That is stunning. I am beyond impressed. And not just because I have NO IDEA what half of the words you used mean – Quilted? Tie? Bind? Prairie Points? GREEK TO ME.

  3. Gorgeous!! I *love* the colors and fabrics you used. Well done, T!

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL. A total work of art. Swoon.

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