So you think you can quilt?

My younger sister’s 14th birthday is coming up, and I decided that I was going to make her gift. There are all sorts of small projects that I could undertake that would make wonderful gifts. But no, that’s not how I roll. I decided that I’m going to make her a quilt.

This isn’t my first quilt, but it is the first one I’ve undertaken since O was born. I’m not sure how I thought shoe-horning quilt making into the limited free time I have was going to be enjoyable, but the fabric’s cut – it’s too late to turn back!

Hopefully all these pieces:


Will look something like this:


Pretty, isn't it?


when it’s all done.

We’ll see.


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4 responses to “So you think you can quilt?

  1. That is beyond beautiful. We have a lot of talent in my family as far as crafting goes but the last person to quilt was grandma, who’s much too old to make anything new. Which is very sad, quilts are WONDERFUL gifts.

    • We’ll see what it looks like at the end. Even if it doesn’t look *perfect* it’s okay, because no one but me will know that it’s not perfect. I’m pretty excited to get it to a point where it looks like more than some disjointed pieces – I love when quilts start to come together.

  2. babyinbrooklyn

    Wow that is going to be gorgeous. I am probably the most uncrafty person out there, so I am in awe of the fact that you are undertaking this!

    • I think sometimes the thing about being “crafty,” isn’t so much any skill, it’s more the absence of the good sense to look at something and think, “Huh, that’s kinda ugly.” There’s an element of dogged determination that pervades my craftiness. Sometimes I get lucky, other times, I get something for the fugly pile.

      I’m hopeful this isn’t a candidate for the fugly pile when it’s done. Because then I’ll be up the proverbial shit creek. 🙂

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