*THIS* moment

I’ve spent so much of the last year feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, impatient, and exhausted.

And I saw this:

and it brought tears to my eyes.

Because, so often, I completely forget to enjoy this little being.



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2 responses to “*THIS* moment

  1. Dude. Totally. I am in denial that Lilah is already 6 months old. I have all but lost any sweet and snuggly moments with Sadie… I really need to reel it in and savor these girlies. I feel ya, sister.

  2. I’ve found myself nursing Logan more often in our bed (rather then in the living room) because it gives me a chance to be away from the kid-made noises, TV noises and everything else that can be distracting. We can just lay there, and cuddle and I can kiss his fuzzy head.
    I’ve also been trying to remind myself to slow down and savour nursing when I’m in a hurry. Sometimes when he’s nursing he will let go, and look into my eyes and smile, just because he loves me so much. You cant get frazzled because he’s not nursing efficiently with a look like that on his face!

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