Back when we had cable…

…we were big fans of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Guy Fieri is ridiculously funny (soo much better on DD&D than he is on Minute to Win It), the places the show profiled always resulted in us sitting on the couch saying to each other, “We totally have to go there!” There wasn’t often near us geographically, so we also spent a lot of time saying, “We should plan a trip so we can eat that food!” (Umm…I should disclose here that we like to experience good food. Experience good food? That sounds pretentious. But I think it sounds better than “We like to eat! NOM NOM NOM.” Anyway….)

And then! One day a place I had grown up eating at was on the show. NO WAY. Yes way!


Falafel’s Drive-In – it’s not glamorous, or cozy, heck, there aren’t even tables inside. There are two walk-up windows, and for the longest time all they served were falafel. (The menu has expanded in the last 10 years to include burgers, etc. – I have no idea why you wouldn’t get falafel…maybe you’re suffering from a head injury and can’t make good decisions. Or it’s possible that you don’t like falafel. You should try these falafel though…they’re the best you’ll ever have. For realz.)


I, of course, failed to take a pictures of the actual food (good thing I’m not a food blogger!), but you can watch Guy Fieri show you how they’re made instead. (He’s way better at showing you this stuff than I am.) And if you’re ever in San Jose, California – go get you some falafel!


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