Two county fairs in one summer. Woot!!!

I had intended to give ya’ll a rundown of our menu successes from last week, but was wayyy too tired last night. Our power was out all day yesterday, and by the time I was able to sit down in front of the computer I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Plus, I was having trouble writing it. So maybe that will happen later this week.

In the meantime, we went to another county fair this weekend. This one is SO MUCH BETTER than the one we went to a few weeks ago. It’s bigger, has more animals, lawn mower races, BIG tractors…Lots of fun for a suburban gal like me.

The first thing we saw when we got there were pig races. How cute is it to watch pigs run around a track? It’s very cute. My pictures didn’t turn out so well, but it’s hard to take good pictures when you’re the shortest adult around and don’t have the right lens on the camera. Hey, I tried.

I did manage to get picture of O and animals this time. The fair had a little petting zoo (which was kind of creepy, because in addition to the regular farm animals (goats, sheep, etc.) they had a giraffe, a monkey, and some wallabies. I don’t have a philosophical objection to zoos, or circuses, per se. But this was sort of uncomfortable) anyway, O and his dad fed some very belligerent goats. O wasn’t really sure that this was fun, but he hung in there.

I couldn’t resist the wallaby though; she has a little baby in her pouch!

Awww...look. Babywearing!

Then it was off to the farm equipment area. LOTS of good stuff to climb on.

I'ma get me one of these, guys!

Check it out! John Deere!

The farm equipment was crazy. I’m SHOCKED at how BIG it is. I mean, conceptually I understand that farming requires lots of specialized, large equipment, but until you’re standing next to a tractor tire that is bigger than you – that is bigger than your 6 foot tall husband – you don’t really get the scale.

Oh, HAI.

He was cracking me up with this tire – he kept looking in that hole there. I wonder what he saw?

And we wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t put him in silly situations so I could take pictures.

I'm a skeptical piggie.


Mom, can I take it home?

County fair season is over, for this year. Next year will be SO MUCH fun with O bigger, and more able to interact. I can’t wait!


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One response to “Two county fairs in one summer. Woot!!!

  1. Our fairs don’t start until the fall but I cannot wait to take Baby Evan to see some cows and sheep and tractors and stuff.

    That picture of O baby next to the wheel is adorable!

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