Ladies and Gentleman, pay attention because CBS is going to enlighten us, the unenlightened, about situations where breastfeeding could get awkward.

I’ll admit, I was intrigued by the front page. There’s a very lovely picture of an angelic babe demonstrating a perfect latch while gazing lovingly at what I can only presume is mom’s face. There is no nursing cover, no sling tail, no t-shirt pulled up to the baby’s nose. Just baby’s face and mom’s breast.

The tagline reads,

“Breast is best for baby….But just where and when a woman should nurse her baby remains a matter of debate. Here are some situation that could get seriously awkward.”

I thought that since CBS had such a perfect pro-breastfeeding image up, the picture montage must have something worth reading, right? WRONG.

Let the fun begin! According to CBS, breastfeeding can get awkward:

  • In front of men (Oh noes! The men, they can’t see the breasts!)
  • In front of kids (They see worse in a commercial during the Super Bowl)
  • In a restaurant (because breast milk can transmit HIV, dontcha know? To be fair, this isn’t entirely untrue, HIV can be spread through breast milk to babies, but not adults. CBS doesn’t clarify that, though. Breast milk is NOT a biohazard, thankyouverymuch.)
  • It bears repeating that CBS thinks breastfeeding can get awkward IN PUBLIC.

CBS seems to think that the only place breastfeeding won’t get awkward is in THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME. Do you hear that breastfeeding moms? STAY HOME, lest things get awkward. (Oh, but wait – if you’re home and breastfeeding please make sure there are no men or children around, as per awkward situations 1 & 2.)

I’m so tired of this underhanded bullshit. Breast is best, but we’re going to do everything we can to undermine a woman’s decision to breastfeed by telling her that it might make other people uncomfortable, and reminding her that, as a woman, she has a cultural responsibility to not to make other people uncomfortable.

They finish each slide off with a link to “Vote now: Should moms be allowed to breast-feed anywhere?” Fortunately 89% of respondents put on their smart caps this morning and clicked the button for “Yes, women should be allowed to breastfeed anywhere.” (Why the hell this is even a discussion is beyond me…oh wait, because 4% of respondents think babies in public should be eating from bottles, or starving until they can be sequestered in a private space alone. Possibly in the dark too, so that the baby doesn’t see mom’s breast.)

Breasts are for feeding, CBS. Wrap your brains around it. Make peace with it. Move on to something important.



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7 responses to “WTF CBS?

  1. I am incredibly heartened that a full 89% of people said yes, breastfeeding should be allowed anywhere. Even at my breastfeeding support group there have been moms who bring covers, refuse to nurse or who can’t make eye contact with anyone who happens to be feeding their baby. It’s INSANE how much pressure there is to avoid making other people uncomfortable.

  2. um….it’s CBS who hosts the Victoria Secrets catwalk show thingie, yes? I hate how some breast are okay, but other breasts make people “squeamish”.

    • TMae

      Yes, the breasts on the conventionally pretty womenz are nice because the menz want to see them. You’re right, it’s complete bullshit that some breasts are okay and others are not.

  3. honestly it’s one of the things that scares me about raising a son. natural looking woman are no longer a prominent feature in the media and all you see are silicone and botox. fake breasts, or breasts pushed up to your chin are supposed to be beautiful…it makes me really sad.

  4. J9

    OMG I love you.
    I do not have the cajones to write this stuff on my blog but I agree with you 100%.
    The fact that this is an issue AT ALL for ANYONE is beyond asinine.
    I had no idea they ran this “story”. I hope they get slaughtered with responses from mamas. In fact, I should send them an email right now.
    Or just cut and paste your post to them.

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