Countdown to 1 year

I know every parent says this, but I can’t believe how big and engaging O had become. Every day it seems like N and I sit and say, “Can you believe how big he is? It seems like just yesterday he was a little lump in my arms.”

He does all kinds of stuff too now. He’s a climbing fool. He climbs into any drawer he can open. Yesterday I caught him climbing up the chair that his high chair is strapped to (he made it into his high chair), and he’s desperate to figure out how to get his leg up high enough to climb into the bathtub. (ETA: Yeah, he figured out that if he grabs the faucet he can totally haul himself up on the tub ledge.) And he gets down off the couch without any help at all.

Last night he signed “more” while N was feeding him dinner. Hysterical, because he kept signing it like N wasn’t getting the food to him fast enough. “Faster, man. Can’t you see I’m HUNGRY!” Which is sort of funny in itself because he’s really sort of “meh” about food. He’ll feed himself a few pieces of cheese, or fruit, or chew on a pickle, and then start throwing the rest of it off the side of his high chair to the eagerly waiting dog.

He dances when he hears music. By dances I mean baby head bangs. N’s phone ringer is set to play a Pearl Jam song and anytime O hears it, he stops what he’s doing and bobs his head. At the fair last weekend we stopped at the music tent and he was rockin’ his body back and forth, like Ray Charles playing the piano.

I’m surprised he’s not walking yet – though he’s pretty close. Of course, I thought he was pretty close a month ago. He stands and squats, and maybe takes a step or two, but always resorts to crawling instead.

In related news, he’s just about grown out of his infant car seat. Choosing a new car seat has, not surprisingly, sent me into a whirlwind of information gathering, and review reading. I’m terrible at making these kinds of decisions because there are too many choices.

Woah! O will be one year old in one month! I guess I should plan a party, huh? I’ve never planned a kid’s party before…Oy.

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