It’s county fair time, ya’ll!

I grew up about as suburban as they come, but I LOVE me a county fair! My parents would take my sister and me every year to see the pigs, and goats, and cows…who am I kidding? We went so we could eat fried food, cotton candy, and ride those scary-ass carnival rides.

We did LOOK at the animals while we were there. Which is good, because I’m not sure where else we would have had the opportunity to see REAL LIVE WILD ANIMALS. Hey, when I was growing up, a cow might as well have been a bear, for all the exposure I had to them.

Now I love to go to fairs because they offer me a glimpse of a life that I’ve never known. I think it’s amazing that  4-H kids know how to take care of a pig. Or a llama. Or chickens. The chickens! There are so many breeds of chicken; some better for laying eggs, and some better for eating. Who knew? I certainly didn’t until a few years ago. (See? Learning IS a lifelong process.) And where else can you see a llama agility competition? Yep, that’s right. Llama agility.

N specifically wanted to introduce O to the animals, and on the drive to the fair was telling him what they each say. And I managed to take one picture of O meeting an animal. But N did show him all the animals that were there to be seen. I just didn’t take any pictures of it.

The horse says, "Naaaayyyyy!"

Which I think is okay, because I did take this picture.

Best in show, right there.

N and I went to the fair last year, while I was about 38 weeks worth of pregnant. So this was O’s second county fair. This is what we looked like last year.

Why yes, I am about to have a baby.

And this is what we look like a year later.

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  1. J9

    scary-ass carnival rides, indeed.
    the last one I went to was when I was a pre-teen and some scary-ass carnie was grabbing me everytime I came near him (at the controls) on one of those scrambler rides.
    still gives me the heeby-jeebies.

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