Almost wordless Wednesday

It’s almost wordless because I have a couple things to say.

1.) Did you know that 5p.m. is PRIME time to go to the grocery store? How have I made it to 35 and NOT known that? Anyway, while I was getting cat food so the cats could have dinner (yes, that does make me a very good person) I learned that bananas are a fat free food. That’s what the sticker on them says. But that wasn’t really the point of this – I wanted to tell you about the checker. She was probably 18, maybe 19 years old. She must have had 20 ear piercings – up one side and down the other. Thick black eyeliner, and bright pink eyeshadow. Her hair was in pigtails. Very cute. Anyway, she stops bagging my groceries (I got some people food in addition to the cat food. I figured since I was fighting the hordes of people, I was gonna have some potato chips too.) to tell me that she loved my tragus piercing. Whaaa? Well, she didn’t have hers pierced, so I guess mine was novel.

2.) My kid kind of signs! When you ask him if he wants “more” he makes the sign for it. I’m not sure he knows exactly what “more” is, but he can make the sign! It’s a start.

3.) My hair is still falling out in handfuls, and it’s making me crazy.

Okay, enough chit chat – here’s the wordless part of Wednesday –

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