Weekend wrap-up

Oh my maude, ya’ll, the heat FINALLY broke! It was almost enough to make me do cartwheels. Almost. But we did take FULL advantage of the weather and spent the weekend outside! Can you imagine?

Friday night was too nice to be inside so the whole family (canine included) walked down to our favorite local eatery. They have a few outdoor tables on some lawn, which is perfect for us, because we can let O wander around without worrying about how long we’ll get him to stay still in the high chair for.

He had a great time crawling around, and playing with the dog’s leash. He’s a big fan of leashes. (And he got to wear his shoes! As an aside, I think he’s kind of figuring out that shoes go on feet because I’ve noticed him taking my shoes and putting them near his feet. Awww… :-))

Saturday we headed to the mountains for some food and time with friends of ours at a local brewery. The vines growing behind the bodies are the hops that the brewery grows on site for use throughout the year. Today they got picked, actually, so they won’t be there next time we go.

The view is amazing. It’s such a nice place to go and sit outside on a gorgeous afternoon. The food is mostly locally sourced, and really, really yummy. We had summer squash stuffed with local hot italian sausage, roasted tomatoes, rice, and topped with melted mozzarella, and a sausage pizza. So delicious.

I'm not a great panoramic photographer, so this doesn't do the view justice. At all.

Again we sat out on the lawn so O could run around. He has a great time climbing around under the table – through the legs, into our laps. And after he was done exploring he sat in the high chair and chewed on some pizza crust. We’re really lucky that he’s still at a point that we can take him out and not worry too much about melt downs. I’m not looking forward to the day when he gets more independent and won’t stay put.

Sunday we had PANCAKES! But not just any pancakes. We had pancakes that looked like Star Wars characters. N is a huge Star Wars fan, and the pancake molds were a birthday gift for him.

We had Yoda:

And Darth Vader:

And a Storm Trooper:

And if that doesn’t get you excited, well, I really don’t know what will.



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2 responses to “Weekend wrap-up

  1. THOSE ARE THE BEST PANCAKES EVER. Where in the world did you find those molds!?

  2. TMae

    They came from Williams-Sonoma. I’ll also add that the holes in them made perfect reservoirs of too much syrup. I love too much syrup.

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