The perfect place to put stuff

Remember the speaker from yesterday? Well, today it has a starring role.

As has been established, O likes to play on the speaker by the TV stand. A whole new realm of possibilities opened up the other day, when he discovered that the speaker HAS A HOLE in it.

Can you tell where this is going?

Look! I can put this plastic bag in this hole!

Gotta make sure I get the whole thing stuffed in there.

My arm fits, too!

Hey! Where’d it go?

There it is!

We’ve had to re-purpose our kitchen tongs to pull stuff out of the speaker now.


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One response to “The perfect place to put stuff

  1. We discovered last week that the sub-woofer on the bottom shelf of our bookcase not only has a hole in it, it’s HOLLOW. So basically Baby Evan has been filling it with stuff for the last 4 months. Everything we had been “missing” plus four peanut butter sandwiches, several pieces of melon and about four cups of Goldfish.

    We dug everything out and turned the speaker sideways.

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