Fat lip

Since O has taken his mobility to the cruising level (for those of you that don’t know, ‘cruising’ is the technical term for moving around while holding on to things. I had no idea until about a month ago that there was a technical term for that), he’s opened himself up to a whole new level of accidents. Most of them involve poorly calculated distance judgments and leave him startled, but not hurt. Occasionally he’ll find himself stuck and frustrated, with an arm or a foot wedged under something. He’s rarely ever injured.

One of his favorite places to stand is by the surround sound speaker next to our TV stand. It’s a pretty perfect height for him, and there are zippers on the two CD wallets sitting on top of it that he likes to play with.

Pay attention to this speaker - it makes an appearance later this week too.

On Sunday, his luck ran out. He tipped over, and on the way down, bit himself on the lip. There was even some blood. 😦 Poor baby.

See the little red dots?

I gave him a washcloth I had run under cold water to chew on thinking that it might help with the pain a little, and if it didn’t, chewing on wet washcloths is one of his favorite things to do so at least he would be distracted.

He was over it completely in about two minutes.

fat lip smile

Doesn't look too worse for wear, does he?


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